To create a class that requires a payment before booking, just create a class as normal. You will see two additional options:

  • “Requires online payment”
  • “Price”

Just set the “Requires online payment” to yes and enter the price you want to charge for each booking.

Once saved your members will be asked to pay for the class using any valid credit or debit card before the booking is confirmed.

Paying for a booking

Once a class has been setup to accept payments, your customers will be required to pay for the class using a valid credit or debit card before their booking is confirmed. To make things as easy as possible for your customers, they will only need to enter their card details once. We store their card details and use the same card for future bookings, your customers can update or remove cards at any time.

If your customer cancels a booking (within your booking window) the card they made the payment on will be refunded the full amount.